ITG Announces Preliminary Second Quarter 2015 Earnings Guidance

ITG Announces Preliminary Second Quarter 2015 Earnings Guidance, Including Reserve for Probable SEC Settlement

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CFOs Cite European Research Unbundling as ‘Major Concern’

Research unbundling – the separation of research payments from equity trading commission, a key plant of European regulators’ proposed Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II – is looming large as a major concern among US hedge funds’ chief financial officers.

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ITG Launches Server for U.S. – Canada Interlisted Stocks

Traders who want to execute orders in interlisted stocks are getting an updated piece of technology to trade faster and cheaper.

ITG, a U.S.-based execution broker and research provider, announced the launch of the next generation of its Best Market Server – 2.0. This latest iteration of the firm's smart order router helps traders execute their orders that include interlisted Canadian and U.S. stocks and automatically hedging currency exposures in real time.

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Notice about ITG Leap Second Readiness
ITG - Leap Second Readiness06.08.2015

On June 30th, 2015, a leap second will be added after 23:59:59 PM GMT. A leap second is a second which is added to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)/Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), in order to synchronize atomic clocks with astronomical time to keep clocks as accurate as possible.

ITG utilizes industry-standard time synchronization systems that rely on atomic time sources to maintain accuracy and will be synchronized with UTC during the Leap Second Event timeframe. As part of ITG’s preparation for the 2015 Leap Second, ITG completed a comprehensive systems review and all systems will be available during the Leap Second change as normal. As a precaution ITG’s POSIT system will open in the Asia Pacific region on a one minute delayed schedule at 00:01:00 GMT on July 1st, 2015.

David Meitz
Chief Technology Officer

Flood or trickle? Course of U.S. economy’s rebound murky

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The engines of the U.S. economy are sure to fire back up. What’s still a mystery is just how much.

Not long ago, economists thought U.S. growth could reach nearly 4% in the second quarter after a tepid 0.2% gain in the first three months of the year, a period marked by unusually harsh weather. That would be a carbon copy of the feast-or-famine growth pattern that occurred in 2014.

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Block-Hunting Algorithm May Portend European Dark Pools’ Future

European policy makers want to make dark pools revert to their original purpose as places for trading blocks of stocks, rather than venues that break orders into tiny slivers. Algorithms may help turn that goal into reality.

With those regulations in mind, Investment Technology Group Inc. has revamped its program for finding the best prices for large trades, it said in a statement Tuesday. The broker, which also operates its own venue, probably won’t be the last firm to roll out block-friendly features.

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ITG Launches Dark List Algorithm for Portfolio Traders in the U.S.
Traders Magazine Online News04.28.2015

Agency-only brokerage ITG has rolled out a new algorithm that makes dark pool liquidity available to portfolio traders.

The company unveiled its Dark List Algorithm, a next-generation algorithm which brings the firm's dark trading capacity to portfolio traders.

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The 2015 Trading Technology 40: Jamie Selway
Institutional Investor02.02.2015

ITG congratulates Jamie Selway, Head of Electronic Brokerage, who moved up from the 26th to the 22nd spot on Institutional Investor’s annual global ranking of the most prominent innovators and managers in the field.

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Investment Technology Group to Launch Dark Pool for Bond Trading
The Wall Street Journal9.3.2014

Investment Technology Group Inc., the New York-based brokerage and technology firm, is opening a new dark pool for bond trading later this year.
The firm, which has traditionally focused on stock trading, is trying to tap into growing demand from investors to trade U.S. corporate bonds among each other at lower costs through electronic networks, rather than through dealer banks.

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Chinese Energy Investors
The Homestretch8.19.2014

Chinese companies have invested heavily in Alberta’s energy sector, but has it paid off for them? Recent high-profile difficulties experienced by some of China’s largest energy companies have brought their over $30-billion investment in the region into sharp focus, with many wondering if their big bets on Canadian oil sands will be a bust. Listen to ITG’s Samir Kayande, Director, Energy Research, ITG Investment Research, discuss China’s troubles in the region, and his thoughts on their course for the future.

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